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2010 is winding down, and with the year ending so are your dreams of dropping a few pounds before January. It looks like 2011 is going to have to be your year for weight loss, but are you really serious about it this time?

Unfortunately for those of us looking to really trim some fat, it’s going to take more than just willpower to do it. Research has shown that a lack of willpower isn’t the reason we can’t lose weight. Most of us start losing weight and believe in the program, but still mess up – often for reasons we can’t explain. These mistakes that lead to broken diets and dreams are the real obstacles of losing weight. Once you overcome them, you’ll be on your way to significant weight loss.

5 Weight Loss Tips


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The Weight Isn’t Coming Off Overnight – Consider the new mother who gained weight while pregnant. She delivers the baby and is often shocked when she realizes she has fifteen or even twenty pounds still to lose once the baby is out. She starts to exercise and is even more shocked when the pounds don’t just magically melt away. The truth is that it takes almost as much time to lose the weight as it takes to gain it.

Television shows us reality shows with significant weight loss week after week. Looking at losing weight in clips makes it seem as though the pounds are just falling off. However, even in a show like Biggest Loser, the contestants work for one hundred days, that’s more than three months full-time without any distractions. They have professional trainers and calculators around the clock. We have jobs, bills, families and obligations. There aren’t television cameras watching us to keep us on track. If you gained weight slowly over the last year or two, plan on it taking months to come back off. That’s the trick to keeping those pounds off as well.

A Change of Lifestyle, Not Just Diet – Your diet is just part of your lifestyle. Your full lifestyle includes things like how much and how well you sleep at night. The amount of time you have to cook and how often you get outside to exercise. To lose weight, you’ll need to make a dramatic change in lifestyle. Most diets are just that – they look to change what you’re eating and ignore everything else. This is why most diets ultimately fail. If you’re sleeping poorly and have no time to cook in your current lifestyle, how are you expecting to spend hours preparing healthy meals for yourself? If you’re serious about losing weight, you’ll have to change more than just what goes into your mouth – you’ll have to change everything.

Get More Sleep – Studies have shown that individuals who get less than seven or eight hours of sleep per night are not able to lose weight very effectively. In fact, most of those who are getting only five or six hours of sleep per night are much more likely to gain weight. This has to do with many factors including being awake longer and therefore having more time to eat. Also, they are not asleep long enough to let your body recover and heal from the day before. Pushing your body to its limits and not giving it time to recover properly isn’t healthy, and you can’t focus on exercise and eating well if you’re exhausted and feel sick throughout the day.

Get Moving – Exercise is often touted as being very black and white. Either you’re doing enough or you’re not doing anything at all. In fact, the opposite is true. Exercise is more about how we live our lives than anything else – it’s just as much a sliding scale as anything else. It’s excellent if you can hit the gym day after day for an hour of cardio. Jog every morning and stay in shape. But if you don’t have time in your schedule for an hour at the gym, and your sleep is more important than a morning jog (as it may well be – see the point above), you don’t have to write off exercise completely. You just need to change your lifestyle a bit to accommodate more movement where you can get it.

Any amount of exercise is good, and when you find an activity you enjoy, you’re much more inclined to continue it. For example, running on a treadmill might feel like torture after the first five minutes. Yet, you love the idea of stretching and relaxing through yoga. Will yoga burn as many calories as racing on the treadmill? Nope. But will it be fun for you and beneficial for your health? Absolutely. Look for activities you enjoy enough to work into your day. And then look for opportunities to improve your activity level during your day – take the stairs, walk to the corner store, or play a bit of soccer with the kids.

Build Up a New Lifestyle – You know you need a new lifestyle to lose weight and to keep it off in the long run. After all, your current lifestyle is why you’re looking for weight loss tips in the first place. Fortunately, you don’t need to change it all over night. You’ve waited this long to lose weight; there’s not a huge rush now. It’s far more important to set up a new lifestyle that works and is comfortable for you rather than rushing into something you can sustain.

It takes almost a month to make a new habit or to break an old one. This means you’ll need to take three or four weeks just to get used to the new you. Make plans ahead of time as to what you can do within the boundaries you’re forced to work in. After all, you probably can’t change jobs, but you might be able to change your lunch arrangements. Maybe you can change your office hours or work from home two days a week to find more time for the gym. Losing weight takes time once you get started and it takes a bit of time to organize as well. This is the perfect time to start putting together plans for losing weight in the New Year.

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