The Symptoms of Dehydration

Dehydration has a number of varied of symptoms. These are as varied as they are numbered. There is no standard case of dehydration symptoms but there is a long list of various symptoms that have been observed. The list includes acidosis, waste from the body that gets collected which is not or does not get or shock. The main cause of dehydration though is the loss of water or liquid intake. This needs to be done especially when there is a considerable amount of loss of replenishing fluids from the body – like after a long sweat most commonly.

If one does not stack up his body on replenishing fluids, symptoms that will follow are usually headaches. But one thing that prevents simple cases of dehydration from happening is the instinct that makes one quench his or her thirst the moment they are facing a thirst quenching drive under the hot summer sun that makes them sweat all the fluid in the body away.

There are other more grievous ways for the body to lose fluid that the body needs to star in balance. These have to be kept in check by having a proper regular fluid intake. That means keeping fluid – preferably water by your side so that you have a sip or regular adequate intake as your body would need. If you don’t keep these in check, you suffer from diarrhea, bleeding in large amounts and vomiting. These can be very painful symptoms as these usually occur when you are in a place of great discomfort and heavy body exercises like mountain climbing, running or exercising. You must ensure that you not only the regular fluid intake but that you also take a lot more than the regular fluid intake because you are over exerting yourself in addition to putting yourself in an environment not suited to the optimum conditions that your body is used to.

In case your fluid intake does not contain the blood loss that might occur, then you must stop that from increasing first before things get any worse. The symptom of purging though (vomiting that comes along with diarrhea) is one that has to happen when toxins have to be forcibly removed by the body’s systems. So if it initially happens, it should be allowed to happen but if it carries on for longer than a day, then it must be seen to.

Athletes and cyclists must drink while the run as they sweat a lot which results in loss of much needed bodily fluid. If the symptoms become unmanageable, then you must always get the situation under control first. After that, you need to get immediate help with the long term treatment of the situation. If the patient suffering from it has a strong enough immune system to recover, time will do its deed and cause the recovery of the person to happen.

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