Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder in which a patient suffers from irregularity in perception of the reality and difficulty in relating with people around him. Schizophrenia is one of the most disabling and stressful psychological illnesses. The term ‘Schizophrenia’ was coined by Eugen Bleuler – a Swiss psychiatrist. The average age of onset of Schizophrenia in case of men is 25 years and that of women is 30 years. However, it can appear even before 14 years of age, the term is specifically called ‘Childhood-onset Schizophrenia’. The disease is more severe in men than in women. The lifetime risk of developing a full fledge Schizophrenia is 1 in 100 people. Increase Dopaminergic activity in central nervous system is the Hallmark of Schizophrenia. The symptoms of Schizophrenia is varied and are listed below.

  • Social withdrawal – this may be the first symptom of Schizophrenia. Initially the person may prefer not to interact with the strangers. At this time, the symptom cannot be related to Schizophrenia. As the disease progresses, the patient remains inside his room most of the time and prefer not to interact even with his family.
  • Hallucinations – this is another very common feature of Schizophrenia. Auditory hallucination is most common. The patient hears unnatural voices that do not exist. The patient tells that the voice tells him what is good for him and guides him what has to be done. He may smell some specific odor that is impossible to be present at that time and place.
  • Delusions – it is a fake belief that does not conform to the status or situation of the patient having Schizophrenia. ‘Delusion of Persecution’ is a type of this disorder where a patient has a strong false belief that a specific person is after his life and will do everything to kill him. ‘Delusion of Grandeur’ is another specific type of false belief when a patient with Schizophrenia acknowledges himself at the top of the world.
  • Thought disorders – different types of thought disorders can be seen in a patient having Schizophrenia. ‘Thought insertion’ is one of them where a patient feels that a particular person is putting in his own thoughts inside the patient by some unnatural means. ‘Thought block’ is another symptom of Schizophrenia where a person abruptly stops talking in the middle of his speech only not to find anything more to tell. In ‘Neologism’, a patient repeatedly speaks out a specific syllable without having meaningful sense.
  • Movement disorder – in ‘Catatonia’, a patient with Schizophrenia stops all movements and does not relate to outer world. The patient with advanced Schizophrenia will have a vacant look and will not have any facial expression. The patient loses every interest in all goal driven attitudes.
  • Negativity – a long standing case of Schizophrenia takes no pleasure in any kind of daily activities, inability to start any kind of planned and long standing activity. Patient always fears that a serious accident is imminent and he is going to die within no time.


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These are the most common symptoms of Schizophrenia. The list is not exhaustive as it is a multi spectrum disorder. Suicidal tendencies are also noticed in patients with Schizophrenia.

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