Natural ways to have a Clear Skin and a Glowing Face with Pink Cheeks

Being a guy, I cannot really boost of my pink cheeks however to say the least, it can easily make many a girls jealous. In this article we will discuss a few easy and home-based methods to have a clean face, which will emit a natural glow that will make you look beautiful.

1) First things first, avoid the sun: Easier said then done, though you can substitute your morning walk for your evening walk. Go for shopping and other works in the afternoon. Use proper sun cream when you go in the sunlight.

2) Eat dry fruits: dry fruits helps a lot in improving your skin, so have a little intake of dry fruit as a part of your daily diet.

3) Drink lots water: drinking lots of water throughout the day is very important for your skin. Remember this is the most important step in having a very good skin.

4) Do proper exercise: Don’t go out in the sun, do all kinds of exercise like aerobics or weight exercise in your home. My best exercise time is the evening, about 8 pm.

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