Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis is a sickness that causes a lot of suffering to people who have contacted the disease. It will be painful to bend joints. They always seek for prescription drugs that have pronounced side effects. Most of these people are unaware that there are natural remedies for arthritis. There are lots of natural remedies for this problem but there are no quick short cuts. You need to follow these for long periods to get effective relief but once relieved you will never get it again.

  • One good proven way to treat arthritis is to change the diet of the patient. He should avoid taking foods such as sugar, chocolate, red meat, salt and caffeine. Even some vegetables are not good for arthritis patients. Gradually these foods should be removed from the food of these sufferers.
  • While some foods are bad for arthritis patients there are some other foods that are good for them. They include vegetables, oranges and natural oils. Also some fish such as tuna that have omega 3 fatty acids are good for them. Fresh fruit also should be added into the diet of these people.
  • Regular exercise is one of the natural remedies for arthritis. Exercise could be a good remedy as it could strengthen the joints of the sufferers. Exercises that stretch the muscles and thereby give some strain to the joints are good for them. Yoga is a good stretching exercise.
  • Aerobic exercises are good for the prevention of arthritis. They include swimming, walking, bike riding, running and walking.
  • While taking exercises and taking the food on the recommended pattern, the patients could use some natural medications too. One such medication is to massage natural oils into the affected joints. Lemon could be used to improve blood circulation to the joints and lavender is supposed to be a remedy for swelling.
  • To ease out the stiff joints and to bring down swelling the joints should be soaked in water with a little Epsom salt. It is one of the natural remedies for arthritis. Castor oil is also one of the good medicines that could be massaged into the joints.
  • Additional vitamins and minerals such as zinc and calcium are able to help arthritis patients.
  • Arthritis patients should not expose themselves to cold weather. In case they need to go out, they must wear warm clothing. Even cold water or cool drinks should be avoided. Unless these are avoided you cannot get the best effects of natural remedies for arthritis.


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If you are an arthritis patient who is seeking to go for natural remedies you must change your diet immediately. Then you must start taking exercises to strengthen your joints. Now you have the option to use the medication mentioned above to get relief from your condition. In addition to the arthritis remedies mentioned here there are hundreds of natural remedies for arthritis. Some of these are known to have brought good results for arthritis patients. There is no harm in using any of those treatments as long as they are natural treatments.

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