11 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

While there is no end to the number of healthy snacks you can find, when you start filtering those with your taste criterion, then you suddenly realize that you are running out of options. We have compiled such tasty yet healthy snacks in the past; however, not everything can be added to a list. Pumpkin seeds are another healthy snack that we could not fit into that list and so this is an article dedicated to the health benefits of pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin itself is a very healthy vegetable, but the seeds are not to be thrown away, roasting it can be a good way to add it to your diet.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin Seeds

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Anti-Oxidants – Pumpkins are high in Beta-carotene, the reason why they are so bright reddish orange in colour.

Heart Healthy – Phytosterols, which is present in pumpkin seeds in good amount, is considered to reduce blood cholesterol levels. So, including pumpkin seeds in your diet can help improve your heart health.

Helps Constipation – Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of fiber which helps in digestion and keep the stomach happy.

Boosts Immunity – Pumpkin seeds contain zinc which helps to improve the overall health of the immune system of the body and makes it strong so that it can fight against diseases. This zinc content of pumpkin seeds is also believed to help in prostrate health and men’s bones, osteoporosis prevention etc.

Prevents kidney stones – Some research and experiments have showed that the phytochemical present in the pumpkin can help in kidney diseases… but it is yet to be seen if there is something to these claims.

Protein – Most vegetarians have heard this question many times in their life – “Where do you get your protein?” and here is pumpkin seeds with a very high protein content, go eat some.

Prevents Arthritis – Pumpkin seeds has anti-inflammatory benefits without the unwanted effect of increasing of damaged fats in the joints, thus helping to keep arthritis in check.

Fight Depression – These seeds contain L-tryptophan in abundance which helps in the prevention of mood related disorders. Thus it can be used as a preventive measure for depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

Omega 3 fatty acids – It contains omega 3 fatty acids which is known to have a lot of health benefits like lowering blood pressure, help Alzheimer, increase good cholesterol in the body etc.

Osteoporosis – Vitamin k which is available in pumpkin seeds help bone density prevents Osteoporosis. Other benefits of having vitamin k in your diet are, it prevents internal bleeding, regulates blood sugar, helps liver functioning etc.

Eye health – It contains a lot of vitamins that helps in eye health, like beta carotene, omega 3, vitamin c which might reduce the chances of you getting cataracts.

So, over all, Pumpkin seeds are blessed with plenty of health benefits and this list can go on and on. Whether Halloween or not, do not forget to keep eating pumpkin seeds, your body needs it and so does your taste buds.

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