Health Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is the most popular essential oil, due to its ability to release tension, disinfect skin and the ability to successfully treat various respiratory problems. In this guide, we will explore the majority of the proven health benefits of Lavender.

Lavender oil is taken from the lavender plant and created through steam distillation. Lavender has a very distinct smell, and plants are found all throughout the world. The plants themselves are purple, and Lavender is now used in a variety of skin care products, including various lotions and soaps.

Improves Nervous System – Lavender has a naturally calming scent, which is why it is used as a natural ‘relaxant’ when people are nervous or ‘over-active’. Lavender oil can also help treat headaches due to these same properties. However, lavender oil is probably most beneficial for people who suffer with anxiety, depression, emotional stress or a combination of the above. In a Japanese study, researchers found that a chemical called linalyl (found in Lavender) relaxes muscles.


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Helps Sleep – Various tests have been carried out on the lavender plant to prove that it helps people fall and stay asleep. In fact, doctors usually recommend using lavender oil (before sleeping pills) for cases of insomnia. However, if Lavender does not work by itself then doctors often recommend using both prescription medication and lavender oil. A test on just under 50 people proved that Lavender helped the sleeping patterns of people with insomnia.

Assists Urine Flow – Lavender is often used for urine disorders because the oil stimulates urine production. Lavender can help assist your hormone balance back to a normal level, and reduce inflammation of the bladder. It will also help with any cramps that you may get in your kidney/bladder, which can be quite common in people that have a urine problem, or a urinary tract infection.

Helps Breathing Problems – If you experience breathing problems, from flu, the common cold or even asthma, then lavender applied on the skin of the neck or chest can help you breathe properly. This is because it relaxes the muscles around the area where it is applied, which allows you to breathe correctly. Lavender is one of the main ingredients in many inhalers and vaporizers for this reason.

Helps Skin Disorders – Lavender has antiseptic and antifungal properties, which help it treat skin disorders and inflammations. It can also heal cuts, wounds and sunburns because it helps with the formation of scars. However, if you decide to apply lavender to the skin then be careful as it can sting a bit, and may be too painful for toddlers or babies, the best way around this is to dilute the lavender. Remember, always read the label on the lavender oil bottle as this will give you adequate instructions on application, if you are still unsure, make sure you speak to your doctor before use.

Aids Digestion and Enhances Appetite – Lavender oil increases the intestine’s mobility, and it also stimulates the production of bile, which helps stop indigestion and diarrhoea. Both factors help aid digestion. A study also concluded that breathing in Lavender for 15 minutes increases your appetite by up to 15%, because of the effect it has on your the nerve activity. Therefore, lavender may be perfect for those that have lost their appetite.

Lowers Pain Levels – A study conducted on around 200 people found that breathing in lavender oil during a dental procedure lowered natural anxiety in patients, and this in turn, reduced the amount of pain felt by all the dental patients.

Helps With Various Dementia Problems – A relaxing massage given to patients with dementia that included the use of Lavender oil has proven to lower levels of aggressiveness in patients (Alzheimer’s). It was also proven to lower ‘agitated behaviour’ in patients with dementia, and once again lavender massages can be used in conjunction with various medications.

Hair Care – Lavender is often used in the treatment of nits in hair. Many people use lavender oil applied to a comb in order to kill the nits. However, you will find that a lot of hair-care treatments contain a high percentage of lavender oil due to its effectiveness.

Lavender oil has plenty of health benefits to both healthy people and those that suffer from previous conditions. Before using lavender oil make sure you check that everything is ok with your doctor, because lavender oil is unsuitable for some people. For example, it is not advised that you use Lavender oil in the first three months of pregnancy, but the oil can help in the later stages of pregnancy.

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