Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is one of those rare raw foods that is both tasty and nutritious. We don’t need a reason to eat honey because its taste is sufficient for us to keep licking it. However, in this article we are going to discuss some of the popular and some less known health benefits of honey.

Antioxidant – We have already included honey in our list of foods rich in antioxidants. While the main contents of honey are fructose and glucose, it also contains small amounts of chrysin, pinobanksin, catalase, and pinocembrin which are antioxidants. This of course depends on which flowers the bees were feeding.


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Sugar alternative – Honey can be used as an alternative to sugar. Like sugar, it contains fructose which is great for sweetness. Apart from that, honey also has a flavour, which makes it tastier and thus some people prefer it over sugar.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties – A honey bee hive is considered as a place which is the most sterile. Even more than the best of the modern day hospitals can provide. Honey is considered as a natural antiseptic for ages, and its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even anti-viral properties are quite popular.

Mineral content – Humans need a lot of minerals for the proper functioning of their body and mind. Honey contains plenty of those minerals, like iron, copper, magnesium, silica etc.

Vitamins – Vitamin B and C are common in honey, however it will still mostly depend on which flowers the bees were feeding.

Easy to digest – Honey is easily digested and provides 64 calories in a spoonful of honey. Thus it is an excellent source for quick energy.

Dissolve body fat – Honey helps a lot in weight loss. One spoon of honey in a glass of lime water can help you lose your fat deposits stored in your body.

Easy to intake – Honey can be eaten raw, just take a spoonful and eat it, as easy as that. Other than that it can be put in milk, or as mentioned above, in a glass of lime water for weight loss benefits.

Heal wound – This is the most under rated feature of honey. Honey dries the wound by taking away the water from it and thus helps in curing it. This particular feature of honey also helps in making face mask. This will clean your face and get rid of acne and keep it healthy at the same time.

Boosts immune – Honey is a great food to improve your body’s overall immunity.

Helps in cough and cold – A spoon full of honey can help in curing cold and cough, it surely ease a sore throat and provides relief. However, please note that honey should not be given to children who are less than a year old.

Other benefits of honey – Honey also helps with quite a few problems that we have in our day to day life, like stomach problems, indigestion, dehydration, headaches, recovering from hangovers etc.

So, overall, health benefits of honey are plenty, it is now up to you to give this super food a try and let us know if it helps you.

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