Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

It is now proven that apples themselves are very beneficial to your health when consumed regularly, and it has been proven that the same can be said for apple cider vinegar as well. Cultures have known this and employed its use for many centuries, even by notable figures such as Hippocrates who used the vinegar for its healthy properties. Modern research and study has been able to provide proof of these great many benefits, which make apple cider vinegar an ingredient which surely should be included in your kitchen. This is an item which is easy to incorporate, as there are a great many uses for a large variety of recipes.


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Diabetes – It has been proven that people who regularly use apple cider vinegar have a much lower rate of contracting diabetes later in life. Regular ingestion shows a profound impact on regulating blood sugar levels, which mean it is not only recommended for use in prevention. Due to the way apple cider vinegar affects insulin levels, if you already have diabetes be sure to check with your doctor, to make sure the effects will be desirable with your prescribed insulin dosages.

Cancer – There have been studies with people who already have cancer, and the results have varied widely. Laboratory studies on the other hand, have proven that apple cider vinegar will indeed at least slow growth of new cancer cells. There is some indication that it may be capable of actually killing the cancer itself, but there needs to be more study to confirm this. In general, people who use apple cider vinegar regularly have been shown to have a definite decreased risk of getting the disease overall.

Weight Loss – Vinegar in general has been known for many centuries to help make people feel fuller, helping to curb over-indulgence. There have also been studies which suggest that regular use will also help in detoxifying the liver, which will go a long way towards helping weight loss. By using a natural source such as apple cider vinegar, there comes with it the added benefits as well.

Blood Pressure – This vinegar has been proven without a doubt to help lower blood pressure due to the amount of potassium present. This is useful both for maintaining overall heart health but also for those already suffering from various heart conditions. Using apple cider vinegar in your recipes is an easy substitute which you know can have an impact on your health.

Lower Cholesterol – Regular users will experience lower cholesterol due to the high fiber found in the vinegar. This helps in the absorption of cholesterol and other high fats from the blood stream. Your body is then able to naturally dispose of these unneeded chemicals in the normal processing of bodily waste. High cholesterol can lead to a wide variety of ailments, including heart health in general.

Digestion – For someone who has issues with proper digestion of food, the natural compounds found in apple cider vinegar have been shown to enhance the functionality of your bodies own digestive compounds. The regular use will also help in the prevention of suffering from food poisoning, as your body will be better equipped to process the unsafe foods more easily.

Heart Health – Being a natural substance that both helps lower cholesterol as well as blood pressure, there are immediate affects which will contribute to overall heart health. This is best when applied as a preventative measure, so including this vinegar as part of your normal diet will go a long way towards ensuring your heart will let you live a long and healthy life.

Strong Bones – Chemicals such as manganese, silicon and iron are essential for having strong bones. These along with other substances provide a health benefit for those who are growing older in life. When used as a marinade or with fruits and vegetables, the vinegar helps extract calcium from the fruits and meat. This way you will not only have the direct benefit, but will also go a long way towards making sure you get the maximum benefit from other foods you eat regularly. If you are already suffering from an ailment such as osteoporosis you should consult your doctor as there are certain cases when improper use can have a negative effect.

Infections – Contained within the apple cider vinegar is a compound which is known as malic acid. This has been shown to help the body when fighting to expel a variety of both bacterial and fungal infections. Almost all infections other than viral will be easier to get over with regular use of the vinegar in your daily diet because of the malic acid. This along with the other health benefits will generally lead to a stronger immune system, and a greater ability to ward off sickness in general.

Arthritis – While apples themselves have shown to help prevent arthritis in general, the use of the vinegar will help in preventing the build up which causes the pain. Your body will somewhat regain the ability to process the toxins built up in joints, allowing for natural excretion through your normal bodily waste.

There are many health benefits to using apple cider vinegar in your recipes, and also a few old home remedies. Some have used the vinegar to apply to the chest for relief of congestion. Others have mixed the vinegar with water, and recommended some gargling to help relieve a sore throat.

One of the most important things to remember if you are going to incorporate this as a natural remedy, is that the clear variety will give you almost no health benefit at all. If you are going to want to enjoy all of these great benefits, then you need the natural, organic varieties. The true apple cider vinegar will have a somewhat brown tinge to it, and you may even be able to see some sort of membrane in the liquid itself. This is often processed until the vinegar is clear, since the uninformed will think they are getting higher quality. That same process which removes everything which causes that look, also removes all those wonderful health benefits you will get from the vinegar as

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