Foods to Improve Memory

Who does not want a photographic memory, recalling data stored in the depths of the mind with the slightest of effort. Yeah, it is a dream come true for many. Imagine students getting top marks in their exams, housewives carrying out their daily work without having to keep looking for things that might be kept right next to them, remembering names in a meeting while addressing the huge round table. A strong memory has many benefits, however to achieve that, you just have to eat the right things.

Memory boosting foods.

Brain Food

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Spinach – I know your kids hate you when you force feed them spinach, but one day they will surely thank you for it. Spinach contains vitamin b6 which is excellent for memory. It also contains folic acid which is known to fight Alzheimer’s and other such memory related diseases.

Broccoli – If there is anything, that your kids could hate eating more than the above mentioned spinach, is broccoli. Perhaps am not making your work any easier of feeding your kids but broccoli is an absolutely must have, if you are planning to have children with good memory.

Salmon – This fish is having plenty of omega-3 fatty acid. We have talked about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids quite a few times and there had been many studies that make the connection of omega-3 fatty acids with improved brain developments.

Berries – Berries are high in anti-oxidants, it is one of those reasons why we keep advising our readers to eat berries, however, blueberries in particular has phytochemicals that can help your memory from becoming weaker.

Orange – Always good to have a glass of orange juice, who cares how much nutritious it is as long as it tastes good. But you are in luck, because orange has folic acid which will help in boosting your memory and can even help you to retrieve your data from your brain cells faster.

Soybeans – There has been a lot of debate whether the protein from soybeans are healthy enough when compared to chicken breasts, but you cannot ignore the fact that it too contains folic acid and if you are a vegetarian, this source becomes even more important to you.

Rosemary – If you are planning to protect yourself against some brain diseases like the Alzheimer’s, then perhaps you can try Rosemary. The carnosic acid of Rosemary has properties to save you from brain diseases. At the very least, the scent of Rosemary is worth trying.

Cherries – Always good to have tasty foods when making such a list, that is if it does not comes at a cost of sacrificing nutrition. Cherries have been considered as a super food because of its anti-oxidant properties, it even contains melatonin which helps maintain the internal clock. The anti-oxidants in the Cherries boost it with anti-inflammatory properties which keep your brain stress free.

Turmeric – An Indian spice that has taken over the world for many health and taste benefits has also known to have cucumin which helps you against diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Dark Chocolate – You would eat it anyway and so will I. But anyway, it contains flavonoids which are present in the cocoa and it speeds up the blood flow in brain and thus prevents many diseases.

Apples – Apples contains Quercetin that helps you in protecting your brain from Alzheimer’s, although it will be of no effect if you decide to peel of the apple skin and throw it away, because it is the apple’s skin that contains the Quercetin.

This list can go on forever as there are plenty of foods that help your brain against many diseases that can corrupt your brain cells and make your memory weak. However, always try to take a balanced diet that contains as many nutritious foods as possible, that way you will be able to protect your brain and have an excellent memory at the same time.

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