Detox Diet

When we eat ‘normal’ foods our body becomes subject to harmful toxins and additives. When we drink alcohol our bodies are subject to poisons contained in the alcohol. Clearly these are not good for the body. The main ‘goal’ of the detox diet is to remove these toxins from the body. In this guide, we will explore how successful the detox diet has proven, and why it is a diet used by millions.

The detox diet is not a plan that needs to be followed for a long time. The diet suggests that once a year you should ‘flush out’ the toxins and chemicals in your body, this requires just three or four days depending on which plan you choose.

Toxins and poisonous substances enter our body on a daily basis, not only through the food we eat but also the environment. Without the detox diet our body is subject to increasing ‘problems’ every day, therefore, going on the detox diet stops the continued build up of toxins. Experts believe that going on the detox diet dramatically reduces the risk of all different types of cancer and stomach problems. The detox diet has plenty of benefits for the body as well as temporary weight loss. The diet itself promotes healthy living; therefore, it often boosts energy levels, reduces bloating and reduces ‘natural’ aches and pains caused by body fatigue.

There is more than just one detox diet available. This means you should research your preferred detox diet carefully before making the final decision. The best type of detox diet depends on the individual, and often lies with how much change you have to make to your life. Programs that require a lot of change are less effective, because the amount of effort you have to put into the diet makes you less likely to keep to the strict plan, therefore, taking small steps are usually the best way forward.

While eliminating toxins and chemicals we breathe in from the air is almost impossible, there are a few more points we can change apart from our diet. The detox diet suggests we buy pieces of equipment like a water filter to remove toxins and that we also change our body products to ones that contain fewer chemicals.

Different Types of Detox Diet

detox diet

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  • Homeopathy – Homeopathy does not focus on the foods that we eat but rather how we live. Homeopathy promotes cleansing the body through different types of acupressure, acupuncture and exercise. Homeopathy really promotes the use of saunas in our ‘plan’ because a sauna allows the body to sweat out the harmful toxins in the body.
  • Body Cleansing – There are two different types of cleansing diet, one that requires you to fast and one that just requires you to eat fruits and vegetables. If you decide to fast then you can only drink water, lemon juice or unsweetened tea for three days. If you decide to eat just fruits and vegetables then they should be both fresh and organic. The later sometimes proves more successful that fasting because the fibre in the fruits and vegetables allows the body to clear out the toxins.
  • Supplements – For those that do not want to drastically change their diet or exercise plan, taking vitamins and herbs can help the body to remove toxins. There are now some very effective vitamins and herbs available in the market place specifically designed for the detox diet.
  • The Ideal Plan – Ideally you should make more time for your body and its needs, even if you think you cannot. If the body does not feel ‘well’ then the mind will falter and it will become naturally harder for us to function at 100%.

The ideal detox diet would be a combination of cleansing, supplement intake and homeopathy. The ideal diet would also require us to prepare the body for at least a week in advance; otherwise the body may ‘reject’ the diet and make us feel unwell. This means that up to a week before you start the diet you should reduce your nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and sugar intake. Then when you go ahead with detoxing all these need to be cut out for three days.

This diet will flush out your system of toxins and help you lose weight in the short term, but this weight will come back as it is only water weight that has been dropped by the body.

Remember, it goes without saying that any plan to drastically change your diet should be checked by a doctor. The detox diet has constantly proven one of the most successful diets for recurring good health and temporary weight loss; therefore, it is a diet that should seriously be seriously considered.

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