10 Foods to Cure Depression

Depression can be medically defined as a state of body’s own defense mechanism against long standing stress. The person will have a mixed sense of sadness, loneliness and despair. In this jet paced society, the number of person suffering from depression is soaring high each and every day. If a person suffers from a depressive state for a suitable period of time, there is a chance to develop suicidal tendency.

Several biochemical changes occur during the depressive state and one of the major effects is reduced state of vitamins in our body. Researchers have noticed that, in a patient with depression, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) level goes down. Free radicals accumulate in body tissues and there is premature aging. Although, depression is a psychological disorder, its cure can be easily accomplished by some foods. Here we shall discuss about 10 foods to cure depression.


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Sea foods – any kind of sea fish like tuna, Pollock, tilefish, mackerel, Harding, salmon is full of Omega-3 fatty acid. Regular use of sea food can effectively cure depression. Omega-3 fatty acid is a free radical scavenger. Free radicals are formed during any stressful condition. It destroys the living cells by altering the normal physiological function. Omega-3 fatty acid helps the immune system of our body in killing these free radicals. Patient’s mind gets fresh and the depressive state is also lightens up.


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Kiwifruit – kiwifruit or Chinese gooseberry is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid. Daily intake of fresh and raw kiwifruit augments cure from depression.


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Flaxseed oil – change your cooking medium to flaxseed oil. It contains 3 times more polyunsaturated fatty acid than sunflower oil. Initially you may not like the taste. But considering the health value, you should change to this cooking medium.


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Lamb meat – typically grass-fed lamb meat has high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acid. The concentration is much higher than grain-fed lamb or beef. Regular intake of lamb stew can act as mood elevator.


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Milk – cow’s milk also contains good amount of Omega-3 fatty acid. Milk from grass-fed cow is better.


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Chicken and turkey – both of them contain a high amount of Tryptophan, which is the precursor of Vitamin B3. Boiled chicken or Turkey roast with freshly prepared salad will give you enough nutrition as well as Vitamin B3, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. All these help in fast relief from depression.


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Avocado – this fruit contains enough Niacin that is helpful in lighten up mood.


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Fresh vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, tomatoes, carrots, yeast, button mushrooms, green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce) are also rich source of Niacin.


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Nuts – walnut, hazelnut, cashews are rich in Niacin.

Fish liver oil supplements – cod liver oil, halibut liver oil are also full of Omega-3 fatty acid and Vitamin A. These are the most effective therapy in chronic depression. One capsule a day will offer enough Omega-3 fatty acid that is required to cure depression.

Depression can be cured. But as the tale says “prevention is better than cure”, you have to take suitable action in advance to prevent struggling in a depressive state.

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