10 Foods to Avoid While Dieting

If you are dieting, beware of some foods that can secretly increase the calorie intake without your knowledge. If you are not careful and knowledgeable enough and continue eating these foods even in small portions, you can continue putting on weight. Let’s discuss about 10 foods to avoid while dieting:

White polished rice – this is the most notorious food that you can blame. High glycemic index of white rice increases glucose intake per portion. Moreover, this will increase your appetite compelling you to take additional food in between meals. Better to take brown rice.


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Pasta – due to same reason, pasta also adds up calorie intake. 60 grams of white pasta can add 100 calorie per servings. However, pasta made from original semolina wheat is less nasty when it comes to glycemic index. You can take half of the regular portion of pasta and add some fresh vegetables into it to lower the intake of calorie.


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Processed food – try to say “NO” to any kind of processed food that you find in any departmental store. The long shelf life of these foods is accomplished by adding some preservatives. These preservatives are notorious to destabilize the normal digestive process of your body.

processed-foodFast foods – another infamous food that can easily invalidate the dieting process you are on. Almost all fast food or shall we call ‘convenient food’ are full of trans-fats and saturated fatty acids. As we consume them, they are broken down into cholesterol and glucose by several complex physiological processes in the liver. These products again transform the glucose and lipids to fat only to be stored in the liver, beneath the skin and other organs. Ultimately, you land up with increase in your weight.

Fast Foods

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Cola – did anybody mentioned about this before? A bottle of this fizzy drink has only dry calorie and they have nothing else to offer. This dry calorie can only hamper your dieting.


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Alcohol – goes in the same line with cola but needs separate mentioning.


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Fruit juice – fruit juice is devoid of fiber content and if you go on taking this, your body gets some amount of vitamins and minerals but huge amount of calories. As there will be no fiber, it cannot be digested and evacuated through stool properly. It is always recommended to take one whole fresh seasonal food per day while you are dieting.

Fruit Juice

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Mayonnaise – a sandwich with mayonnaise in the morning breakfast sounds cool. But mayonnaise contains saturated fatty acids in the form of oils and butter, sugar, different spices and sometimes eggs. All these can add up total calorie intake and you lose control of your weight.


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Chocolate – high sugar and fat content can easily put chocolate away from your list of foods while dieting. A small piece of chocolate can give you instant energy if you are lethargic, but at the cost of high calorie.


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French fries – not only that, but every kind of deep fried food should be avoided if you are on dieting.

French fries

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These foods may be tempting sometimes, but better to close your eyes if you come across them while dieting.

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