10 Foods That Build Muscle Fast

There are many ways to build muscles fast, diet, exercise, changes in lifestyle etc. are a few of those. In this article we are only covering the diet aspect of building muscles. Some foods which contain more amount of protein are excellent for fast muscle building. If you are planning on building good muscles then you should take a balanced diet containing good amount of protein in your food intake, the amount should be according to your height and weight.

Build Muscle Fast

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Below mentioned are 10 foods that can build muscles fast.

Lean meat – Chicken and turkey is a good source of lean meat. It contain good amount of protein and amino acids. That way it helps you to build fast muscles. Also, the fact that weight training requires muscle healing because of wear and tear of your muscles during extensive weight training sessions and it is something that lean meat is very good at. So that is another reason why you should eat it.

Lean Meat Chicken Breasts

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Low fat milk – If you are one of those that digest foods faster than others and have a good metabolism then perhaps including a glass of low fat milk to your diet will be a good idea.

Low fat milk

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Nuts – The hormone testosterone is responsible for building muscles and it is found in foods rich in omega3. Walnuts, avocado, olive oil, flaxseed etc. contains omega 3 essential fatty acids, so if you are building muscles and need extra testosterone, you must eat these.


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Whole grain – This is common knowledge that if you do not provide your body with enough carbohydrates it will start breaking up muscles to gain that energy it needs. So you must provide your body with carbohydrate rich foods like, whole grain bread, pasta, oats, etc. Remember, the more energy you have the more you can exercise.

Whole Grain Pasta

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Broccoli – That includes spinach and other veggie salads etc. One of the major reasons why vegetables should be included in your muscle building diet is that vegetables has high amount of anti-oxidants which will help you to heal your muscles better. After a heavy workout routine the most important thing on your priority list is to heal your muscles and good amount of vegetables in your diet can help you with that.


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Red Meat – If you are a skinny guy looking to build muscles, red meat should be on top of your list because it helps in building muscle mass.

Red Meat

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Berries – All sorts of berries, and there are quite a lot of those, and each one of them are so high in antioxidant content that you must not miss them in your daily diet. A few to mention would be raspberries, strawberries, blackberries etc.


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Fruits – Oranges and apples are the most recommended fruits when it comes to muscle building. Apart from having vitamin c in orange and Pectin in apples which is a dietary fiber, both of these fruits have good anti-oxidants in them, which is why they make this list.


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Carrots – It has a lot of other benefits, improving eye sight is one of them, however they are also a great way of increasing some extra fiber in your diet, so go on and have some carrots.


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Water – If you build muscles, it is quite obvious that you are going through a heavy gym routine and weight lifting being one of the most important activities of your gym time. Water helps in muscle recovery so don’t forget to add some extra water intake during the day. Also, a lot of water goes out of our body when we do a lot of exercise and drinking extra water fills up for the lost part.


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We have mentioned some of the best foods that you should consider taking if you are planning to build some extra thick muscles, but make sure to take a balanced diet and try adding the ones we mentioned along with other foods that you take.

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